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Horse Trailer Insurance

Horse Trailer Insurance

Do you need horse trailer insurance ?

Your existing auto insurance will provide some cover for towing a trailer, but it will likely be limited to third party and offer no cover for the actual theft or damage to your transporter. Please check your policy for the exact details of any cover provided. The value of the trailer can mount up when you add in upgrades such as new tires, foam-cushioned flooring. Add in an air-ride suspension kits and the cost starts to mounts up rapidly making it an extremely valuable commodity.  

So unlike motorized horseboxes it is not a legal requirement, but it is a smart move to cover your trailer on a separate policy that is specific to your individual insurance requirements. We can offer you multiple quotes from underwriters that deal exclusively in the horse trailer insurance sector.

The need to properly insure your equine transporter is an essential part of owning and transporting animals  - whether for personal or business reasons. No matter how careful and responsible  a driver you are or are your family members, you can never predict what will happen whilst driving from A to B. Reduce your risk by keeping your trailer well maintained and carry out a safety check before every journey. 

  • Because of the additional trailer weight,  braking will take longer as such keeping you distance is paramount to towing safely.
  • Keep trailer well maintained and always perform a safety check before driving off.
  • If transporting one horse load it to the drivers side, if 2 horses then load the heaviest to the drivers side. 

In summary these are valuable items that should be insured, if are are new to the world of towing livestock, take 10 minutes to read this great post  that offers valuable tips for both the novice and advanced drivers. 

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    Making your trailer distinctive with standout colours can lower the risk of theft 
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    If you trailer is stolen inform the police and contact the insurance company immediately
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    Taking  out a separate policy to cover damage and theft to your horse trailer should provide you with more protection than anything that your car policy might provide.

What is the cost of horse trailer insurance?

No definitive answer can be provided as it does depend on many factors not least the size and value of your horse trailer. On average expect to pay in the region 100 pound plus, but this a ballpark figure. Many brokers are specialist in this arena and include SEIB, KBIS and NFU trailer insurance.  Use the get quote option to get estimates  for your particular trailer cover requirements, from 25 plus brokers that deal in this niche insurance sector.

Tips to reduce trailer theft 

As you know livestock transporters are expensive items with many designed to suit your bespoke requirements and don't forget the expensive equipment inside the trailer. Below we have compiled some advise on how to lower the risk of falling victim to theft.

  • Use both both hitch and wheel locks to secure your transporter and store in a secure area wherever possible.
  • Valuable equipment should never be stored inside the trailer especially overnight.
  • Keep a record of the make, model and year of manufacture of your livestock transporter as well as photographs. These can help with a quick recovery should it be stolen.
  • Fit only anti theft devices that are recommended/approved by insurance companies.
  • Take photos as these can be used to track your trailer, maybe consider using a distinctive color to ward of potential thieves.

If you own a Ifor Williams trailer it is automatically registered on the company's database and the T.E.R National Plant and Equipment Register. You can register on the national database yourself to ensure your pony trailer's serial number can be traced back to you in the event that the equine transporter is stolen.  If you add extra security items please insure they are approved by the UK insurance industry and do mention when requesting a policy quote as such measures should help reduce the costs of your annual or monthly premiums.

Levels of Equine trailer insurance available

Basic third party cover will just cover any damages to the other party so you will be left to handle any expenses incurred, that is if you are at fault, which can be very costly. The next step up is adding fire and theft cover, but still no cover to your trailer or valuable contents if at fault. Fully comprehensive insurance provides the top level of cover, but adding in public liability will provide that  much needed extra level of cover.  Public Liability insurance ensures you are covered for any damages or costs that occur to a third party caused by your livestock transporter.

Help finding a good deal on horse trailer insurance

  • Having established that the cover provided with your typical car insurance is not sufficient to cover actual costs that you may encounter should an accident occur. It is advisable to take out separate equine trailer insurance to cover an accident whilst in transit or if your transporter gets stolen. Start by comparing costs from multiple brokers that deal exclusively in this niche insurance market.  
  • When you start comparing pay special attention to the policy inclusions and exclusions, some may include extras that you find attractive. Do not take out cover for things that that you will not need, for example driving in Europe. So the key to getting a great deal is to compare and contrast offers from multiple UK  insurance brokers. If you are renewing your policy then you could use the information that you have gleamed to leverage your current broker for a better renewal deal or some free extras.

Driving Licence Restrictions

 Make sure your drivers licence permits you to tow a transporter. This government UK web site gives will answer this question by supplying answers based on your driving licence year of issue, check the full regulations  here 

Article by Eamonn Turley

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