March 23, 2019

NFU Horsebox Insurance Review

NFU Mutual Horsebox Insurance is financial protection for you horsebox or horse trailer. NFU Mutual has more than 300 branch office across the UK to serve their clients. They do make it possible to take out a policy over the phone, but are happy and prefer for their new clients to go to one of the many offices for a personal consultation on your horsebox insurance requirements.

nfu horsebox insurance

What does a NFU Horsebox policy cover?

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  • Third party fire and theft protects the owner if they are at fault in an accident and covers the repairs of the other vehicle along with the medical bills of the occupants of the other vehicle. Your vehicle will be protected from being stolen or damaged due to a fire or theft.
  • If your horsebox is stolen or damaged by fire beyond repair the fair market value of the horsebox will be paid out.
  • The Legal Liability coverage is up to £5 million when a lawsuit is brought up against you for damage to another person’s property and or their medical bills.
  • Legal protection up to £100,000 that will cover legal advice and legal costs including court costs and attorney fees.
  • Emergency Hotline access is 24 hours.

What additional coverage you can add to a NFU Horsebox insurance policy?

These are additional items you can have included with your policy that will increase the cost of the premium, but will bring you peace of mind.

  • Breakdown coverage will help transport your horsebox if it becomes disabled for any reason and temporary accommodation will be provided for both you and your horse. This can include the UK and EU. The vehicle must be 19 years old or newer.
  • Coverage while transporting your horse in the EU.
  • You can have protection for any horsebox or other trailer covered in the policy just as long as it is listed in the policy.
  • The No Claims Discount is protected.

NFU Horsebox Insurance policies available include third party and third party fire and theft. There is no comprehensive coverage offered. Policies and quotes are provided in person and over the phone, but not available online. The additional options do not dramatically increase the premium cost, but does provide peace of mind for the owner.

To find the best deal for your requirements compare the available options by using comparative web sites that are specialists in horse trailer and horsebox cover. One final word of advice is to carefully read your policy and know just what is covered.  Get started click the purple button below to get multiple quotes for horsebox insurance, horse lorry insurance or horse trailer insurance.

Compare NFU Horsebox Insurance

Protect your Horse Transporter today - Compare quotes from multiple brokers.

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