NFU Horse Insurance Review

In this NFU Horse Insurance review the facts of just what this coverage provides the horse owner will be presented. NFU began back in 1910 when 7 farmers decided to form a union to increase their financial security. Today NFU has over 300 offices to assist their members. 

nfu horse insurance

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What is covered with NFU Horse Insurance?

The following are included in every standard NFU horse insurance policy issued. 

  • There is coverage for the fair market value of the horse in case of death, it is stolen or strays away. 
  • If you have to be admitted to a hospital we will cover the livery fees of up to £10 a day with a total not to exceed £1,000.
  • If your horse becomes ill or is hurt and needs life saving surgery then you will be provided with up to £1,000 to cover the cost of canceling your holiday.
  • Legal advice and help covering the cost of fees associated with being legally represented up to £50,000 in an event related to your horse.
  • There is a 24 hour hotline you will have access to so you can get advice and assistance from NFU.

What are the optional coverage items with NFU Horse Insurance?

The following are items a person can choose to have the insurance policy is tailored to their needs.

  • Personal Liability coverage can be included with the lower level being £2.5 million and the upper limit at £10 million.
  • After your policy is in place and the premium paid, veterinarian fees of up to £5,000 are available in case your horse is injured or becomes ill. 
  • If your horse becomes disabled from illness or injury and unable to be used as intended in its duties you will receive the agreed to sum in the insurance policy.
  • Coverage for riders that are injured while on your horse. The person injured must be between the ages of 5 and 75.
  • The tack, horse trailer and any horse drawn vehicle can also be included with coverage.

For a quote from NFU mutual visit their web site. Like other companies you will have the option to purchase separate insurance policies. The common categories are veteran horse insurance, horse and rider insurance and some brokers will offer young rider insurance again as a separate policy. In additional these equestrian brokers will provide horsebox insurance. Some will merge all your requirements into a single equestrian insurance policy. This will make it easier to manage and should also work out cheaper.

In conclusion

NFU Horse Insurance covers all the basics and options a horse owner might need or want. Unlike other insurance companies that issue policies for clients, NFU issues policies to their members. As a horse owner and or farmer you can become a member.

NFU also provides a detailed PDF pamphlet that goes into full detail about what is covered and what is not including no coverage in case of war or radiation damage to the horse.

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Protect your Horse Transporter today - Get multiple quotes

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