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Kids Horse Riding Insurance Under 18's

The availability of Kid Horse Insurance in the UK is plentiful which will financially protect riders as young as 5 years old. The upper age limit for coverage under a kid’s rider’s policy is 17 years old. Riders between 18 and 75 can also be covered, but the premiums will be lower and on a different policy.

What can be covered is standard across the insurance business sector. The variable is the amount of coverage. The numbers included below are the maximum amounts that are being offered by insurers at this time.

What is covered in a kid’s horse insurance policy?

Personal accident coverage has several items covered with different levels of reimbursement.

  • Death of the rider is covered up to £5,000.
  • Permanent disability covers blindness in one or both eyes, loss of hearing in both ears, loss of one or both hands, arms, feet or legs for up to £10,000.
  • Dental coverage for dental work needed after an accident is covered up to £1,000.
  • Hospital benefits payout when you are admitted to a hospital is at a rate of £25 per day.
  • Tuition fees are provided if the child can no longer attend school due to the injury or disability because of an accident is covered up to £2,750 for special tutoring.

Additional items covered in the kid’s horse insurance policy.

  • Public Liability coverage for protection against injury or damage claims by a third party is up to £1 million.
  • Riding equipment includes saddle, tack, blanket, hats, boots, jacket, jodhpurs and body protection is covered up to £1,000 if it is stolen, lost, damaged or destroyed while you are using it or transporting it.
  • Emergency Veterinary fees when the horse is injured that required immediate care is covered up to £1,000.
  • Custodial Liability if the horse is injured or dies while you are riding it is covered up to £1,250.

What are the excess that exist in a kid’s horse policy?

The following are typical excess you will have to payout. If the category is not listed the excess is £0.

  • Custodial Liability excess is £60.
  • Emergency Veterinary fee excess is £109.
  • Riding equipment excess is £109.
  • Public Liability has an excess of £160.

What type of activities involving the child and horse are covered by the kid’s horse insurance policy?

The Kid’s horse riding insurance policy covers the child when they are mounting, riding, dismounting, handling and leading the horse. Kids are also covered if they are in a horse drawn buggy or carriage.

What about coverage for riders under the age of 5?

At this time there is no policy being issued for any horse riders under the age of 5. If your child is under the age of 5, make sure you have adequate health insurance covering the child just in case of an accident.

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