October 7, 2019

KBIS Horse Insurance Review

KBIS Horse Insurance has been available to British equestrians for more than 25 years. In that time they have grown to become the largest independent provider of cheap horse insurance to the British public.

KBIS horse Insurance

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What type of horse insurance does KBIS offer?

KBIS offers both a leisure and competition policies so no matter if you love to compete or just riding in the countryside, your horse can be protected.

What can be included in a KBIS Horse Insurance policy?

  • Death, Theft or Straying is covered for the loss of your horse. The payout will be the fair market value of your horse.
  • Vet Fee Cover for non-routine visits in case of injury to your horse. For those in competition, the cover is up to £6,000.
  • Permanent Loss of Use is cover if your horse can no longer perform its duties. This cover can be for 100% or 75% of the horse's value.
  • Legal Liability Cover from £1,000,000 to £2,000,000 to pay off a third parties claim when your horse damages their property.
  • Personal Accident Cover if you are injured when handling, riding, exercising, mounting or even dismounting your steed. This protection can be for £10,000 or £20,000.

Are there any optional covers with KBIS Horse Insurance?

Yes, two areas can be added to your policy. This includes Saddlery and Tack along with Horse Drawn Trailer or Vehicle. This is not to be confused with horse trailer insurance which needs to be purchased as a separate policy

  • Saddlery and Tack Cover is the protection of your property if it is stolen, lost or damaged for up to £10,000. Each claim has an excess of £100.
  • Horse Drawn Trailer of Vehicle Cover protects if the vehicle or trailer is damaged while being used or is stolen. The payout can be for up to £10,000 and each claim has an excess of £100.

Is my horse eligible for KBIS  insurance?

A horse can be covered if it is between 90 days old and 30 years. The maximum value of the horse can be up to £15,000. The horse and the owner must also reside in the UK. 

If your horse has a value of £20,000 or more then a specialist Sport Horse Insurgence policy has to be taken out for cover.

The KBIS Horse Insurance Cover can protect you and your horse whether you ride for enjoyment or in competition. The policy covers all aspects of the ‘just in case’ scenarios so you can be rest assured with this financial protection for your horse. KBIS is now of many suppliers of equestrai insurance, check out other reliable proivders such as NFU horse insurance.

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