Am I covered to transport my friend's horse?

This is normally acceptable as long as some preconditions are met. These include no money changing hands except for fuel costs. Should you consider providing this as a paying service you will need  hire and reward insurance. 

Damage Caused young stock or  youngsters covered ?

Comprehensive insurance polices will normally cover damage caused by the stock being transferred.

Is Breakdown cover included?

Breakdown cover is optional, if your travel long distances this may be worth considering, if you drive locally then it may be cheaper to come to some arrangement with a local breakdown or garage that provides this service.  

Is tack covered in my Horsebox insurance?

Tack normally is not included in horsebox or horse trailer insurance, but can be bought as a separate policy.

Can I take my horsebox or Horse Trailer to Europe?

This is normally an extra that can be added to your policy either at purchase time or later if the need arises for this type of cover.

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