October 9, 2019

E and L Horse Insurance Review

E&L Horse Insurance is from a firm that has been protecting people’s property for nearly 70 years and offered Equine policies for more than 20 years. E&L or Equine and Livestock is classified as a niche insurance provider who has a good reputation for settling claims properly and providing some of the best customer service in the business. E&L also provide insuarnce quotes for horse trailer insurance.

 EandL horse insurance

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What does E&L Horse Insurance cover?

  • Public Liability cover up to £1.25m
  • Veterinary fees of up to £5,750 per visit.
  • Personal accident cover of up to £12,500.
  • Saddlery and Tack cover up to £1,750.

To help fit a policy to the needs and budget of the horse owner, E&L offers different levels of cover that include Essential, Intermediate Value, Intermediate and Premier. The more you pay, the higher the levels of cover is provided. The Premier level is the only one that includes Loss of Use cover.

Are there any discounts offered when taking out an E&L Horse Insurance policy?

Yes, first time policyholders receive a 30% discount on the premium for the first year. For horse owners that own more than one, there is an additional 5% discount for each additional horse which is covered with a policy.

What is the minimum cover required by UK law?

In 2003 the House of Lords made a judgment in the case Mirvahedy -V- Henley where a horse owner is liable for damages to third party property their horse causes. While it is not by law the horse owner must carry insurance, it is highly recommended. Because of that, the Essential E&L Horse Insurance is for £1.25m of Public Liability cover.

Are there any specialty or niche covers offered by E&L?

Yes, there are several related to those that love horses. This includes a special policy for mature horses, horse riders who are taking lessons and do not own the horse along with horse trailer and horsebox covers.

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​E&L Horse Insurance is from a reputable firm that underwrites their own policies. The legal name of the underwriter is Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited. This firm also understands that not every owner is the same so they offer different levels of protection at different prices.

Having financial protection for your horse is advisable, but not required by UK law. What is mandated by UK law is as the horse owner, you are liable for any damaged your horse is responsible for, immaterial of the situation or history of the horse. 

Finding the best deal on horse or veteran horse insurance starts with comparing all the options available on the marketplace. We can help provide you with a range of quotes from a select panel of UK brokers. However, be aware that some brokers do not appear on comparative sites. For these brokers go direct to their web sites for a direct quote. At policy renewal time it is easy to stick with your current provider, but it is usually worth checking what ojer brokers can offer and you could be missing out on savings.

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