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Veteran Horse Insurance Quotes

Veteran horse insurance is a special category of cover aimed at the mature horses and ponies. Petplan offers a wide variety of policies all aimed at protecting you against unexpected costs as you pony ages. Like us horse are now living longer than over helped by a good diet and advances in veterinary care.Like automobile insurance, veteran horse insurance is required by law. The Animals Act of 1971 requires horse owners or keepers to get liability insurance. This protects owners like you should your horse cause third party damage or injury.

Vetran Horse Insurance

For example, your horse was able to escape from its field and run into the street. It collided with a moving car, causing damage to the vehicle and injuring the driver. With liability insurance, you don’t have to spend to pay expenses related to the repair of the vehicle and hospitalisation of the driver. Apart from accidents as your horse matures like all of use it will become more prone to disease or illness for example Arthritis. Your insurer will deal with the expenses and sparing you from a lot of stress.

Like automobile insurance, there are different kinds of horse insurance available to animal keepers. There’s the basic cover for theft and death of the animal. There’s also veteran horse insurance. As the name suggest, veteran horse insurance is specifically for mature animals aged 15 years or older.

Petplan Equine Veteran Plan Offers

  • Payout capped at £1,500 for death of horse by injury
  • Option to include vet cover for treatment capped at £1,500
  • Payout capped at £1,500 for death of horse by injury

Typical Features

  • Personal liability cover - this covers the animal owner or keeper against claims of death, injury, illness, material property loss, and damaged caused by the horse.
  • Loss by Theft or Straying— covers the horse for its value in the event that the animal is stolen, or goes astray. It can also cover the costs of advertising the lost horse, as well as hiring a replacement horse.
  • Veterinary- covers costs of veterinary treatment following an illness or disease. It can also cover for accidental or visible injury.
  • Tack—covers the horse’s riding tack.
  • Accidental death this is usually an extra feature of a mature horse insurance. The policy holder gets reimbursed following the death of a horse due to accidental or visible injuries.

Features of veteran horse insurance vary depending on the insurer. Some insurers offer death and theft cover as standard benefits, while others have veterinary fees and tack included on top of the two other

Check to see if the policy includes disposal costs, which can be expensive and can make a heartbreaking situation even harder.

Compare Veteran Insurance

Protect your Horse today - Get multiple quotes

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