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  • HGV horseboxes covered 3.5 & 7.5 Tonne
  • Any driver over 25 available
  • Social, pleasure and domestic
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Horse lorry Insurance Quotes

Horse lorry insurance will give you peace of mind whether you are hauling an arabian race horse, a lovable Shetland pony or a competition pony. This type of insurance provides you with cover whilst in transit to your destination.  

To help you find an underwriters policy best suited to your equestrian travel insurance requirements it is best to shop around and find what is currently on offer in the marketplace. This is how we can help you, by providing you with multiple lorry horse insurance quotes from select UK brokers. How?  Select the purple Get Quotes quote option and within minutes of having completed a simple form you will start receiving quotes.

  • Horsebox Breakdown cover can be tailored to provide alternative transport and horse stabling, should that be necessary.
  • Cover can be provided for personal or business use
  • Cover can be for the named driver only or any driver. No restriction on lorry size, from small box vans to large HGV size.

Types of horse lorry insurance available

Similar to horsebox insurance , lorry insurance is available at the three levels. Basic and the minimum legal requirement know as third party insurance, which will only pay out to the third party should you be responsible for an accident. The next level up is third party plus fire and theft, again no cover provide for your own vehicle or property, except in the case of fire and theft. 

  • Comprehensive insurance provides you with the most protection in the event of an accident.
  • Third party fire and theft safeguards you against claims form the third party should the accident be your responsibility.
  • Third party only, will pay out to the third party and you have no cover for fire or theft or any damages that you may incur in an accident that is your fault.

Extra insurance products to be considered

Other options that you may consider including if not they are not already included are :

  • Roadside assistance? This coverage will be important if you should break down while travelling with your horse trailer, as you will need specialized towing services.
  • Type of compensation for trailer damage or theft: Some companies will allow you to choose between replacement value and actual cash value coverage, though replacement value coverage may be limited to newer models only.
  • Do you need to rent a trailer should your lorry be off the road for a period of time? This can cover such things as trailer rental whilst your trailer is being repaired , vet bills resulting from the accident
  • Do you wish to include Equipment coverage: Normally optional and can cover you for loss or damage to your tack and equipment.

How to reducing your insurance premium 

Reducing the costs of  horse lorry insurance starts by comparing the market, we can help by sharing your equine lorry insurance requirements with a host of reputable UK underwriters. This process will helping you find any special deals that meet with your individual requirements.  Insurance costs are based on a number of factors from where you live to the number of miles your travel each year, taking some of the steps below will be beneficial in bringing down your premium:

  • Add extra security for example a tracking device, do make sure it is approved by UK insurance companies.
  • Park your Lorry in a safe and secure area overnight.
  • Build up your no claims to avail of future discounts come policy renewal time.
  • Improve your driving skills by for example taking an advanced lorry driving test.
  • Keeping your annual mileage to the minimum necessary could save you money.
  • Speak with your broker about increasing the excess as this normally leads to better quote. 

GPS tracking devices and extra security equipment should be approved by the UK insurance industry. Following the above suggestions will reduce the risk in the eye's of the underwriter, resulting in a reduced quote for your annual or monthly lorry premium. In addition paying your policy annually will also lower the cost of your horse lorry insurance or horsebox insurance   

Tips on hauling livestock 

Horses like all livestock are prone to injury during transport.  Horses should travel either alone or only with other horses. Never mix with other types of livestock. Make sure the animal is properly tethered by wearing a headstall with the lead tied with a quick release knot to the vehicle. The quick release is very important for the safety of your horse and making the knot can be easily mastered. Make your trailer enticing by adding some hay or treats for the journey ahead. Lastly and most importantly before loading your pony make sure the lorry is sound and fit for purpose with your horse fastened safely and securely for the upcoming journey. 

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