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Horse Trailer Insurance 

Horse Trailer Insurance

Horse trailers are valuable items that should be insured, if are are new to the world of towing a horse trailer, take 10 minutes to read this great post offering valuable top tips for both novice and advanced drivers. 

The need to properly insure your equine trailer is an essential part of owning and transporting horses - whether for personal or business reasons. No matter how careful and responsible  a driver you are or are your family members, you can never predict what will happen whilst driving from A to B.

As we expect you know horse trailers can be expensive to buy and then you have all the upgrades such as new tires, foam-cushioned flooring. Add in an air-ride suspension kits and the cost start to mounts up rapidly making it an extremely valuable commodity. That is when you need to check out cover options with an underwriter that deals excusively in the  equine trailer insurance sector in order to protect your assets.

After you complete the online form you will receive quotes from over 100 UK brokers that include leaders in this niche field Shearwater Insurance Services Ltd, Equesure, EIS (Equine Insurance Solutions),  A Plan and Barry Grainger (BG) Insurance .

Below we have compiled some tips to minimise the risk of loss or damage to your valuable equine trailer:

  • Use both hitch and wheel locks to secure your trailer and store in a secure area wherever possible.
  • Valuable  equipment should never be stored inside the trailer especially overnight.
  • Keep a record of  the make, model and year of manufacture of your horse box, horse trailer as well as photographs which can help to recover the vehicle if it is stolen.
  • Fit only anti theft devices that are recommended/approved by insurance companies.

How Can I Find the Best Deal on Equine Transporter Insurance?

Most people simply add the trailer to their existing car or truck insurance policy. However, it is worth getting a quote from a broker that deals exclusively with this niche insurance market and it may well be more cost-effective or provide more comprehensive cover to take out a separate policy. When you start comparing the market you may find that other specialist insurance companies may provide more comprehensive equine trailer coverage at better rates than your current broker or underwriter.  So the key to getting a great deal is to compare and contrast offers from multiple UK trailer insurance brokers and possible using the information that you have gleamed to leverage your current broker for a better deal or some free extras.

Equine Trailer Security

If you own a Ifor Williams trailer it is automatically registered on the company's database and the T.E.R National Plant and Equipment Register. You can register on the national database yourself to ensure your pony trailer's serial number can be traced back to you in the event that the horsebox is stolen.  If you add extra security items please insure they are approved by the UK insurance industry and do mention when requesting a policy quote as such measures should help reduce the costs of your annual or monthly premiums.

Go Compare Equine Trailer Insurance with 100 Plus UK Brokers

Driving Licence Table Quick Check  -   B+E / C1+E / C 


Tow Vehicle as heavy as 7.5 Tonne with trailer in excess of 750 KG

Suitable for single horse only.


Tow vehicle may be in excess of 7.5 ton and trailer in excess of 750 KG

Suitable for  towing 2 horses, the combined weight must not exceed 12 Ton


Reserved for large horsebox trailers.

If this is required you may also need a CPC card to transport horses legally

Levels of Horse Trailer Insurance that is available

Basic third party cover will just cover any damages to the other party so you will be left to handle any expenses incurred, which can be very costly. The next step up is adding fire and theft cover, but still no cover to your trailer or valuable contents. Fully comprehensive insurance provides that peace of mind by covering your valuable trailer and adding in public liability which provides that  much needed extra level of cover.   Public Liability insurance ensures you are covered for any damages or costs that occur to a third party caused by your livestock transporter.

5 Feeding Tips for Veteran Horse
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Top Horse Grooming Tips in Winter
Winter grooming can be tedious but it should be regular to maintain a healthy horse. Use the right tools and equipment while grooming for effectiveness. If you are unfamiliar with a grooming technique, stick with what you know to avoid inflicting harm to the horse. Grooming should be done before and after exercise. Some people reduce the horse's coat for easier grooming but that is all a matter of personal preference. Over reducing the coat is, however, not advised as it leaves the horse more vulnerable to the harsh cold temperatures.
Trailer Driving Tips
Before hitching up ensure that the tow ball height matches the height specifies by the trailer manufacturer. This will ensure that weight is correctly balanced between the the trailer's axles the towing gear and the towing vehicle. Driving with a trailer attached requires practice, the best advice is never forget that you have trailer on tow and that requires you to adjust your driving to take into account factors such as needed a much longer braking distance at least twice the normal amount.
Why you Need Horse Cover
Are you the proud owner of a horse? Have you bonded so closely with your pet that he/she becomes a part of your life? While you would undoubtedly enjoy every minute that you spend with your horse, you would also agree that it costs you a lot to maintain it, wouldn’t you? So how would you feel when your horse gets injured, stolen or just passes away (due to age factor) one sudden day? You would feel depressed to the core, isn’t it?
How to Properly Handle Horses
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How to take Care of Horses
Horses are huge strong animals which are typically hardy. They make great companions or pets, but they do require proper attention and regular maintenance. These animals are sociable and they interact with their owners and/or handlers, as well as other animals that live with them.

Reasons to Take out Equine Trailer Cover

Horsebox insurance ensures that you have something to fall back on if the inevitable happens while you're transporting one of your valuable mare's or pony's from home to another location. Just think of having invested a high price for your stock transporter and the possibilities of becoming a victim to the crime of theft. Such people will do anything for money and can see the value and ease of escape when your vehicle has been left for the day's activities. Being covered while on the road with your prize stock is another compelling reason and having the trailer insured can help you have that peace of mind. Make sure your drivers licence permits you to tow a trailer, this government UK web site gives will answer this question by supplying based on your driving licence year of issue, check the full regulations  here 

Compare Horse Trailer Insurance with 100 Plus UK Brokers

Maximum vehicle weights

Trailer Weight Limits

The law states that the load carried must never exceed the maximum vehicle weight for the specific transporter. A plate usually fitted to the inside of the container  will advise the maximum weight.  Having trouble finding the plate then look at the  side of passenger door frame as this is the normal place for all trailers including Bockmann, Rice Trailers, Titan, Pegasus and Bateson amongst others.

Policy Coverage

While coverage may vary by provider, the following are some things you can expect to find in a livestock transporter policy:

  • Roadside assistance services: This coverage will be important if you should break down while travelling with your horse trailer, as you will need specialized towing services.
  • Compensation for trailer damage or theft: Some companies will allow you to choose between replacement value and actual cash value coverage, though replacement value coverage may be limited to newer models only.
  • Consider coverage for those unforeseen expenses : This can cover such things as trailer rental whilst your trailer is being repaired , vet bills resulting from the accident 
  • Equipment coverage: This will be optional and can cover you for loss or damage to your tack and equipment.

Information You Need When Approaching Insurance Agencies

You need to arm yourself with the necessary information before you decide and sign the final document.Having the  following information to hand will help:

  • horse trailer details (make, model, year, serial number or vehicle identification number (VIN))
  •  price
  • length
  • The trailer's capacity (make sure you know how many horses your trailer can accommodate)
  • what's the main purpose of your pony transporter - personal use only or business (hire and reward) 

Keep Copy of Insurance Documents in the Transporter

Once your equine trailer policy is in place and you've got the necessary documents completed, make sure to have them photocopied and always keep a copy within your trailer. 

Finding the right policy for livestock transporter containers and animal carriers can be a little challenging for first-timers. But it should be a priority to ensure that your filly  is transported safely and with sufficient protection should an accident occur. A prized animal in a costly trailer can make it a target for criminals.

Once you have the selected the  horse trailer policy, it is easier to renew with the same agency, or better yet find a new agency that offers a better or similar policy cover at a more attractive price. We advise shopping around when the renewal date looms as invariably this can save you money as introductory offers are often good value.

Compare Horse Trailer Insurance with 100 Plus UK Brokers

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