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 HorseBox Insurance Quotes for  3.5 & 7.5 Tonne   


Thoroughbred owners who are serious about owning equine champs for equestrian sport and for leisure rides should definitely consider all  horsebox insurance options. Transporting livestock is a serious matter since this is usually a prized animal being taken to the vet or a sporting venue. 7.5 tonne and smaller 3.5 ton Horseboxes are often costly, thus, it's only sensible to insure such expensive investments. We have compiled a select  Panel of 100 plus UK underwriters that will provide you with multiple quotes for horse trailer insurance    and horse lorry insurance.

Just think about the many hours that your valuable transporter  is parked at the event venue. Here it is vulnerable as it is left unattended on unsecured grounds and quite susceptible to thieves who may be lurking in the area. Ensure your horse along with tack and equipment .

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Cover Requirements

Insuring your horsebox transporter is equally as important as insuring your horse, having both covered will take some of the burden in case the unfortunate does indeed happen. A pony or horse is a costly purchase and for this reason alone it is important that you take the best care of it at home and whilst in transit. When in transit you need the correct level of horsebox insurance we can  provide multiple quotes to help you find cover for your horsebox as well as your horse.

Levels of Horsebox Cover Available :

Horsebox insurance policies apply whether you're on the road, at an equine competition, or at home.   Basic coverage starts with third party which only covers the third or other party, this can be upgraded to third party with fire and theft. The top level comprehensive insurance covers third party fire and and theft plus cover to your own horsebox and contents. Additional coverage and other extras are available particularly for tack and equipment. 

Below is just a short list of what these policies can cover:

  • public liability insurance for claims
  • protected 'no claims bonus'
  • 4x4/towing vehicle cover
  • replacement of old to new horsebox,
  • immobilisers/security discounts
  • trailer cover
  • limited mileage discounts
  • public liability protection for claims
  • private car 'no claims bonus' allowable
  • motorised transport with a maximum of four stalls
  • theft, fire and accidental damage
  • cover for European use

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A horsebox insurance policy can provide the following benefits as well:

  • Competitive premiums
  • recovery
  • roadside assistance
  • drivers aged 21 to 69
  • UK breakdown and recovery services
  • home breakdowns

Livestock Haulage Bylaws

Most UK drivers can not drive legally a HGV horsebox or tow an equine trailer with undergoing training additional training and subsequent change of driving licence status. The appropriate licence required will depend size and weight of the vehicle that you intend to drive.

Horse Box Insurance

The bylaws that govern the ownership and operation of horseboxes and trailers are somehow still uncertain. For years, the equestrian press featured plenty of articles which focused on the issues of not complying to the safety guidelines and have cautioned on the possible dangers to both humans and livestock where these are violated.

The VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) had recently tried to establish more clarity on such rules. The agency has also published a helpful guidelines together with the British Pony Society and other equestrian organisations and groups. The guide is  available on the UK government web site. 

Horsebox Driving Licence Restrictions

Drivers should be fully aware of the proper license they must possess, that is to ensure their licenses are appropriate for the size and type of vehicle they drive. Insurance policies do not distinguish on the type of horse so colts, geldings, mare, mustang or filly are all deemed to be the same. We also provide the facility to compare horse lorry insurance again by completing one simple online quote form. We offer quotes for a wide range of livestock transporters ranging from 3.5 tonne vehicles up to large HGV’s.

Can I legally tow a Trailer with my licence?

If you passed your driving test before the 1st January 1997 then you are entitled to drive a vehicle and trailer combination with a combined weight of up to 8.25 tonnes. As long as you have car insurance and horsebox insurance, your driver’s licence will cover this, without any need for a special operator’s licence.

Can I legally tow a Trailer with my licence?

f you passed your test on or after the same date, you are able to drive a vehicle with a weight of up to 3500kgs and attach a trailer of up to 750kgs, without a special licence provision. However, if you are driving a combination that exceeds those weight limits, you are required to apply for a Category B + E entitlement, which demands that you take another type of driving test.

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  • Typically, for a vehicle weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, a category B license (usually for private cars) is required.
  • For vehicles between 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes, a C1 category license is required from the driver. They are also permitted to drive towing vehicles  of up to 0.75 tonnes (maximum gross weight).
  • Automatic entitlement from B license to C1 license no longer applies for drivers who took the test for category B license later than January 1, 1997.

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Using Anti-theft Device

There are some policies that require one or more anti-theft devices. However, it is possible for these insurers to refuse claims if the anti-theft device was fitted but not used. Make sure to clarify this issue during your search.

The aim of getting a good level of cover  is to provide peace of mind to equine owners whenever and wherever they are. Of course there are certain security measures involved to further protect your horsebox and its contents - horse/s, equipment, and other essential supplies.

If you are a serious equine owner, you need to look for the right equine box insurer to reduce the likelihood of missing out on any area related to fully ensuring equines in transit. Choose only a specialist in the field of livestock transporter policies and they can help you understand the coverage options and any associated benefits.

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5 Feeding Tips for Veteran Horse
As horses get older, age-related senile changes start to show in many parts of their body. An optimal diet plan for horses is necessary to ensure that those areas of the body are supported and maintained as long as possible.
Top Horse Grooming Tips in Winter
Winter grooming can be tedious but it should be regular to maintain a healthy horse. Use the right tools and equipment while grooming for effectiveness. If you are unfamiliar with a grooming technique, stick with what you know to avoid inflicting harm to the horse. Grooming should be done before and after exercise. Some people reduce the horse's coat for easier grooming but that is all a matter of personal preference. Over reducing the coat is, however, not advised as it leaves the horse more vulnerable to the harsh cold temperatures.
Trailer Driving Tips
Before hitching up ensure that the tow ball height matches the height specifies by the trailer manufacturer. This will ensure that weight is correctly balanced between the the trailer's axles the towing gear and the towing vehicle. Driving with a trailer attached requires practice, the best advice is never forget that you have trailer on tow and that requires you to adjust your driving to take into account factors such as needed a much longer braking distance at least twice the normal amount.
Why you Need Horse Cover
Are you the proud owner of a horse? Have you bonded so closely with your pet that he/she becomes a part of your life? While you would undoubtedly enjoy every minute that you spend with your horse, you would also agree that it costs you a lot to maintain it, wouldn’t you? So how would you feel when your horse gets injured, stolen or just passes away (due to age factor) one sudden day? You would feel depressed to the core, isn’t it?
How to Properly Handle Horses
Many horse owners will tell you that the consolation of owning one is that these animals are herbivores and will not be interested in biting you. However, they are heavy and huge animals that can kick and show stubbornness when not properly handled.
How to take Care of Horses
Horses are huge strong animals which are typically hardy. They make great companions or pets, but they do require proper attention and regular maintenance. These animals are sociable and they interact with their owners and/or handlers, as well as other animals that live with them.

We also provide Horse and Rider Insurance 

We can also offer quotes  horse insurance  and veteran horse insurance in partnership with Petplan 

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